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Sarrett Price is a Naples, Florida-based law firm that was founded to provide clients the attention, expertise, and experience of a large law firm in a boutique setting. Founders, John Sarrett and Chris Price have been associated with large law firms, practicing together at times, and also served in private practice with many mutual clients. John Sarrett and Chris Price merged their practices to better serve clients with expanded capabilities in one firm.  

Traditional law firms often only bill by the hour, creating an unexpected cost for a client during the course of representation. Sarrett Price proudly offers flat-fee representation for many matters such as estate planning, corporate matters, and commercial real estate transactions and can often provide firm quotes for matters when engaged on an hourly basis. The law firm was founded on the principle of creating a team and cost structure that allows it to creatively and effectively solve its clients’ legal needs.

At Sarrett Price, we are committed to our clients and will zealously advocate for their interests.

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