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The attorneys with Sarrett Price have established a solid track record of success in facilitating both commercial and residential real estate transactions quickly and efficiently. We have handled a broad range of real estate transactions, including leasing, sale, purchase, and financing of real property, including commercial, retail, and undeveloped real property. We advise our clients on all legal aspects of real estate law and are well-equipped to handle all title issues that may arise in the course of representing purchasers, sellers, and lenders. Additionally, the firm is an agent for nationally and locally recognized title insurance companies.

We are available to help:

  • Canadian buyers and sellers of real estate

  • Other foreign buyers and sellers of real estate

  • FIRPTA compliance and FIRPTA withholding refunds

  • Advising clients on the federal and state tax implications of a real estate purchase or sale

  • Drafting residential and commercial leases

  • Representing landlords or tenants

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